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SooTaeRi Prompt Challenge

Title: Unforeseen Consequences

Rating: NC-17 (Masturbation and pornography) Pairing: SooTaeRi

Word Count: 1349

A/N: This was brought on by a conversation with my friend girlsgottaeat on skype. we challenged ourselves to write a SooTaeRi based upon the following phrases: Sooyoung: "You know... I have watched porn before."  Yuri: "Our shiksin eats about 7 or 8 meals a day... I eat with her." The result was thus. Please enjoy the part 1 of the planned 4 parter. Oh and also visit my friend's response too. Check it out here (It's REALLY GOOD.. smut and writing wise)

Oh and also thanks to her as well for reading over and editing my failure of a grammar. What would I ever do without you (Be without good grammar fics.. I suppose)


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Title: Bombshell
Pairing: well, depends what you see I guess
Genre: cracky humor?
Rating: PG for crude words
A/N: I'm back! ^^.
It's been so long since I last wrote, I just wrote this to stimulate my writing mind. its rough, unpolished and rather random. Critique and Comments Appreciated so I can get back on the track. Thanks!

"It was just one of those days"Collapse )



A/N: Non FanFic related
I dragged my feet making this.. I shouldn't have. I'm sorry
If you don't understand this readers, it's fine. I just... need to express alittle, its more ramble than anything structured

Smile into our hearts girl..


When did I first meet you? Around nearly eight years ago?Collapse )

SooTae: I like sauce

Title: I like sauce
genre: fluff/humor/romance
Rating: PG-13 for suggestive scenes
Pairing: SooTae (Sooyoung and Taeyeon)

A/N: After nearly a month of 0% writing I have been inspired by Tobi to write again (something that is non pedo). Thank you SO MUCH TOBI. this is for you ^^
and yes, I am aware extra is very fail, but it's cracky and I was in a good mood. also, hope you enjoy very very much. I has a rated scene for the missing part, anyone interested? *smirk*
I'm sorry if it gets confusing or whatever at any point, my writing skill isn't restored just yet :P
comments are love btw!




“Come ON! I’m starving” shouted Sooyoung Collapse )



Title: Drabbles?
Pairing: Not really any
Genre: Non specific
Rating: G

A/N: hey thar folks... wow.. Alex wrote non-pedo drabbles.. lets have a moment of silence for that..

okay silence over. this is just a bunch of works I plan to add on with sooner or later. no order or anything ^^
enjoy (I have no clue why SooRi is the only named one.. blame my insistence on having a food one.)


Drabbles FTWCollapse )




Thanks for Trademark songs Only Love and Miss you finally. as well as Kara's Honey

and the people who gave me the extra words (of those soon to come): Kate, Shirin, Cez, Sara

The First Non-Pedo Fic :D

Title: Jealous
Rating: G
Genre: Fluff, little Angst, Romance, Humor, Crack(ish)
: TaengSic

A/N: Written after an MSN convo in an attempt to get inspired. Since pedo mind is corrupted me, the writing is not so good, also shallow chars cuz I dunno the pairing.. and since by bias is JeTi, lol Had to slip something in there :D. Formatting aint good cuz it was written on MSN and pasted :(

Hope you all enjoy! then I can go back to pedo XD (also writing a JeTi downer on the side.)

However, mind is drained, and School is staring tmmrow.. dont expect much.

"Tiffany's my best friend... we can't do this to her!"Collapse )

CELEBRATIONS.. and a worry

Well, first of all


Happy NEW YEAR. bye 2009 and hi 2010. *Wishes for everything I want e.g. social skills lol*

Now... It seems that some people have thought me to be too pedo, I think people are ditching me lol!

so.. I guess pedo will have to break a tiny bit for now (meaning I'll have to post one fic non-pedo before going back into it)
Also, it would seem my mind is unworking right now.. so I'll need patience :(


Sorry readers, and Sorry to myself :P


Oh and GO SNSD!

Christmas JeTi action

Title: A Night Of Christmas
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Smut.
: JeTi (Jessica + Tiffany) 

Summary: Jessica and Tiffany celebrate Christmas in a 'special' way

A/N: this is one of the latest smuts I have written, but the first I posted on Soshipops. I never felt worthy, but apparently this was really good! I might post up others if I get up the courage. My inspiration is through... reading some of the stuff on Soshi pops and certain friends :P
Anyways I hope you all enjoy it
Merry Christmas!

("Oh dear…red underwear? You’ve been a naughty girl Fany" She leaned close, breathing in her ear "Do you know what naughty girls get from Santa?")Collapse )




Hmmm... some small things about myself

Alex, 16, SSF (wannabe) Writer. JeTi Surfer thanks to Aien Noona..

As to why I created this account (on Boxing day at 2 am in the morning =_=).. A certain person (Icarus) thought that I should REALLY post some of the *ahem* special Fics here.

So.. yea..Enjoy